Stone fruit brandies

Not all kirsch is the same. The 350 different types in Switzerland alone, plus sophisticated distilling processes, make for an impressive diversity of flavours. We have been passionate about kirsch since 1870. Our sweet kirsch cherries come exclusively from the best locations around Lake Zug, in the heart of Switzerland. Five totally different kirsch spirits are distilled in the house of Etter.


Etter Zuger Kirsch vieux et noble AOP 41% vol

This fruity, elegant classic is distilled from various types of cherries from our region. A harmonious blend of various batches and years. The classic Etter Zuger Kirsch.

Etter Retro Kirsch 42% vol

With this Retro-Kirsch we particularly want to remember our ancestor, Farmer Johann Baptist Etter, who from 1823 onwards distilled his own cherry crop. With skill and passion our master distiller has created this Retro-Kirsch from a variety of well-matured Kirsch vintages. Complex, intensive and aromatic, full of character – a limited edition in numbered bottle.

Etter Zuger Kirsch vintage 2008 42% vol

Fruit brandy from the single 'Lauerzer' variety of mountain cherry is only produced in years of good harvest. Bottling is only carried out after maturing in the traditional way in 50 litre demijohns for at least 6 years. We have been distilling this vintage kirsch for more than 60 years.
Our oldest is the legendary 1949 vintage which is still available for purchase!

Etter Weichselkirsch / sour cherry 2009 42% vol – limited quantity of 1635 bottles

The unique characteristic of this exceptional speciality product is the rich and fruity almond flavour produced by the sour cherry. This cherry has a distinctly different flavour to all other cherry varieties.

DistiSuisse Award 2023 - Gold medal

Etter Wildkirsch / wild cherry 2015 42% vol – limited quantity of 976 bottles

Wild cherry trees which grow in our surrounding forests produce an incredibly harmonious and elegant cherry with a soft taste.

Plum «Kleines Pflümli» / Vieille Prune

Etter Kleines Pflümli / Plum 41% vol

The extremely ripe plums fall from the trees naturally. They are then hand-sorted and transported carefully to the distillery.

Etter Vieille Prune / Plum «Barrique» 41% vol

Vieille Prune is a wonderful, delicate plum speciality made from small Swiss Löhr plums. Its fruity and full-aromatic flavour comes from 3 years of careful ageing in barrels and 50 litre demijohns. A delight to the palate.

Distisuisse Award 2017 - Gold medal


Etter Mirabelle 41% vol

Only the very sweetest little fruits are good enough for our Mirabelle.  This is a very rare fruit brandy, since the fruit often falls prey to failed harvests caused by bad weather.


Etter Aprikose / Apricot Royal Luizet 42% vol

Expensive, high-quality apricots of the “Royal Luizet” variety from the best locations in the Wallis region have produced an impressive result. We think this is the best way to enjoy apricots
DistiSuisse Award 2019 - Gold medal


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