JOHNETT - a unique Whisky

Swiss Single Malt Whisky distilled by ETTER Zug

JOHNETT 2012 - Aged 10 years - Swiss Single Malt Whisky 44% vol

JOHNETT 2012 is using 100% regional resources. Local mash from barley malt supplied by the Baar brewery, distillation in the house of Etter, spring water from the nearby stalactite caves in Baar and oak barrels from the top-quality Rosenau wine-growing estate, all interact to produce finally a product that combines regionality, authenticity and the highest quality .

The origin

The home of JOHNETT lies in the picturesque region of Zug right in the heart of Switzerland. It is here in this flora and fauna pre-Alpine paradise, with its fields, forests, lakes and mountains, that the unique JOHNETT Swiss Single Malt Whisky is produced. JOHNETT represents another culinary trademark for Zug – in addition to Etter Kirsch and the Zug kirsch gâteau.

The Brewery

Only the best ingredients are good enough for our JOHNETT Single Malt Whisky. In the Uster family and its small, fine quality Baar Brewery we have found the ideal partner for the production of the all-important barley malt. The Baar Brewery, founded in 1862, enjoys an excellent reputation and, like the firm of Etter, continues to be a genuine family-run business.

The mountain-spring water

In the stalactite caves in Baar, which have been owned by the Schmid family for generations, nature provides one of the purest sources of water in Switzerland. It takes a full ten years for one drop of rain to reach the ceiling of the cave and fall into the spring basin. This ancient spring water is used to refine the JOHNETT Swiss Single Malt Whisky.

The distillation process

In 1870 Paul Etter founded the Etter Distillery based in Zug and today the name Etter is synonymous with high-quality fruit liquors. Since 2010 another product has been added to the family's repertoire; the passionately produced, high quality JOHNETT Swiss Single Malt Whisky. The quality is guaranteed by the Master Distiller, John Etter.

The maturing process

JOHNETT is matured for several years in the unique and particularly moist conditions of the "Höllgrotten" (dripstone caves in Baar) and "Höllhüsern". Storage in special Pinot Noir oak barrels from the Ottiger family's Rosenau vineyard in the Kastanienbaum region of Lucerne gives the distillate an extraordinarily elegant flavour and makes JOHNETT Swiss Single Malt Whisky an experience for the senses to be enjoyed by passionate connoisseurs.

JOHNETT 2012 – Aged 10 years

Swiss Single Malt Whisky 44% vol., 70 cl
distilled May 2012 / bottled June 2022

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