"Gifts with Spirit"

The end of year festivities offer the perfect opportunity to say thank you - to your employees, your customers, your business partner, friends and acquaintances. At Etter we have lots of excellent ideas for gifts - even very individual ones. Simply browse online through our Online-Shop or pay us a personal visit at our Showroom & Shop in Zug.

We shall be delighted to send you a tailor-made offer to meet your requirements, and look forward to hearing from you.



NEW: Etter Vieille Orange «Barrique» 40% vol

Only the finest of aromatic blood-oranges from Sicily are selected to undergo complex processing before being mashed and then meticulously distilled, after which this fine distillate is patiently left to season in wooden barrels.

Our newest 'eau de vie' warms both heart and soul with its fresh, intensive orange flavour.



Christmas Plum Liqueur

Etter's Christmas Plum Liqueur 18 vol is on sale again immediately.

Year after year countless connoisseurs look forward to our Christmas Plum Liqueur

The Christmas Plum Liqueur is a very special drink for the festive season. With its fine nuances of Christmastide spices - cinnamon, coriander and cloves - it tickles the palate of every connoisseur. This speciality is based on natural pure fruit brandy from the rare Löhr plum. Ripened on the tree and picked by hand, only first-class Swiss fruit is used for this liqueur.



JOHNETT 2010 - Aged 7 years - Swiss Single Malt Whisky

The new vintage of this eau-de-vie from Zug follows a proven concept – the maturing in Pinot Noir barrels. From the very first filling, this maturing process runs like a thread through the JOHNETT taste concept and has almost become its trade mark. As a contrast to previous fillings, Lovers of JOHNETT can now look forward to a riper age of 7 years. The seasoning process is overseen very closely, because the whisky is still in the lead and the barrel is a mere accompaniment. Try it, "cheers"!



DistiSuisse Award 2017

We are very proud and delighted to have been awarded the distinction "Distiller of the Year" for 2017/18.

Our sophisticated fruit brandies are produced solely from Swiss fruit and with a lot of passion. Our driving force is the constant desire to keep improving the quality. Now we can proudly announce that the following 4 Etter fruit brandies have received the Gold medal: