Seasonal specialties

The seasonal liqueurs are a fascination for connoisseurs and bring the spirit of the respective season to the forefront. They are available in limited quantity and only for a fixed length of time per season.

Weihnachtspflümli / Christmas Plum Liqueur 18% vol

The Christmas Plum Liqueur is a very special drink for the festive season. With its fine nuances of Christmastide spices - cinnamon, coriander and cloves - it tickles the palate of every connoisseur. This speciality is based on natural pure fruit brandy from the rare Löhr plum. Ripened on the tree and picked by hand, only first-class Swiss fruit is used for this liqueur.

Etter New Generation Erdbeerzauber-Liqueur / Strawberry Liqueur 15% vol

Our Strawberry Liqueur is one of our very own recipes, created uniquely for this speciality, using ripe, aromatic strawberries from the previous season. The unusual production process makes this extraordinary speciality beautifully light and refreshing. With an alcohol content of only 15% vol, this fruity strawberry liqueur is very pleasant and easy to drink. Please enjoy it chilled.


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  • Seasonal specialties

    Seasonal specialties

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