Tradition in the fourth generation

There are few enterprises where quality and name are so closely connected as is the case with ETTER.. "Eau-de-vie" - the water of life - has for decades been both our profession and our calling. Today, in the fourth generation, ETTER is one of the most traditional and yet most modern speciality distilleries in Europe.

Highly-qualified staff and partners work for ETTER and we all strive for perfection. The managerial and organisational system is consistently certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Only when all criteria have been met and all quality checks carried out, does the product receive its seal of quality: quite simply the name: ETTER.

Our passion is evident in our large variety of innovative products. The tempting New Generation fruit brandy liqueurs, seasonal specialities such as Christmas Plum liqueur, the fine Etter Zug Kirsch or the unique JOHNETT Swiss Single Malt Whisky meet the spirit of the age.

Chairman of the Board Hans Etter & Managing Director Gabriel Galliker-Etter

To know how to live is to know how to drink

Fruit is a gift of nature and our fruit brandies are the result of a living tradition. We love what we do and, for generations, have given our all so that you can enjoy the excellence of our products.

Take time for the good things in life and treat yourself to moments of sheer enjoyment. Thank you for your trust in our fruit brandies.

Your good health!

The Etter family

Hans Etter
Chairman of the Board
Gabriel Galliker-Etter
Managing Director

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