From cherry to kirsch

Kirsch is not just kirsch. An impressive diversity of flavours is obtained from the 350 varieties of cherry available in Switzerland alone and the sophisticated processes used in their distillation. The sweet cherries we process come exclusively from the best locations in the Lake Zug region of Central Switzerland. Five totally different kirsch spirits are distilled in the House of Etter as well as many other fruit brandy specialities, such as Williams Pear or Vieille Prune / Plum. Our high quality standards vouch for the finest fruit brandies.


Fruit is a gift of nature - except that nature doesn't always provide us with the required quantity and quality! Working with natural raw materials such as cherries and Williams pears is therefore very labour-intensive.


Variety, soil, climate, level of ripeness and weather conditions are all key factors to both the quality and the quantity of the fruit spirits. Our raw materials come exclusively from the best locations in Switzerland.


Following labour-intensive harvesting, only completely ripe, aromatic fruits reach the distillery. For this reason, in years of abundant harvest and excellent quality, the fruits are distilled for future stocks.


All varieties of fruit are processed and fermented in the House of Etter. The natural fermentation process brings about the vital conversion of fruit sugar into alcohol.


The art of distilling consists of separating the first and last run from the middle run during the distillation process. This requires extensive experience, a fine ‘nose’ and a well-trained sense of taste. Purity, bouquet and intensity of the distillate fresh from the still are, assessed by the Etter family in conjunction with the master distiller. Thus, each fruit spirit receives the personal stamp of the House of Etter. By adding fresh Zugerberg spring water, the correct alcohol content for superb drinking pleasure is finally achieved.


The skilful maturing process ensures perfect harmony of flavour, from the nose, via the palate, through to the aftertaste. To achieve this, our fruit spirits are matured for a varying number of months depending on the variety, or, in the case of stone fruits, for several years.


Following repeated in-house tastings, the products are then combined in an ‘assemblage’ and given the seal of approval by the Etter family. Those fruit spirits labelled as vintage are distilled from a single variety and from the fruit collected exclusively from one year’s harvest.


The whole production process takes place under one roof at ETTER: at their premises at Chollerstrasse 4 in Zug. After distilling, maturing, bottle-filling and ticketing, the products are sent on their journey to the customer. We wish you a lot of enjoyment.

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